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Offer Details

  • Fi is a one-stop financial services app that comes with an in-built no-minimum-balance savings account
  • Link will redirect to Fi Money App on Playstore
  • Install the Fi Money App
  • Complete Registration and Open an Account
  • Deposit Money (Minimum Deposit - Rs 225)
  • Earn Profit
  • Profit not applicable if only install and add money is done
  • Profit is applicable only if Fi Money is being installed on android device
  • Tracking Time for Web order: 40 Hour
  • Profit on App order:No
  • Missing Profit Tickets: Not Accepted
  • Confirmation Time: 70 days

Profit Didn't Track?

  • Raise a Missing Ticket!
  • Go to Profile and submit Profit ticket.
  • Missings will not be accepted after 10 days of Order Date
  • Missing Profit will track at the lowest profit rate and will be corrected at the time of validation.
  • If your Profit does not track, raise a Missing Profit ticket within 10 days of the order date
  • Please send Profit related queries at and not the partner shopping site.